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Definition of terms

Please note that in the sellers terms the word you, seller or vendors means the individual or business entity selling goods and services in sellersmart.com.ng

In the buyer terms the word you, buyer or user means the individual buying something in sellersmart.com.ng

In general the term us, we refers to as Risam Dataland Limited

BY REGISTERING AT sellersmart.com.ng YOU AGREE TO BE BOUNDED BY THIS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. We can change the content of this terms with or without notice at anytime so it is your responsibility to check check it regularly.
The purpose of this term is to create a system where the interest of both the seller and buyers are met. Reduce or eliminate future dispute that might arise as much as possible.

Sellers Terms and Conditions

As a seller, you agree that faulty, counterfeit, and stolen product must never be posted in sellersmart.com.ng. We have zero tolerance to such products and you will be fined N50,000 if found guilty or delisted if it occurs more than 3 times

We charge 10% commision on all orders made in our site. This commision is paid by the client on checkout so sellers do not need to worry about it

Sellers are responsible for creating products on their Seller Area. All pictures must be of high quality and must have a white background. Images must be a jpg, gif or png images. Images must not be more than 1MB in size. Watermarked images are not accepted

Sellers should ensure that the number of products in their stock tallies with what is online at all time. Cancelled order arising because product is out of stock will attract a fine on N2500

Sellers should ensure that the online description of the product is actually what the product has. Return arising as a result of product discription not correct will attract a fine of N5000

Vendors are responsible in updating the status of their order to "Ready to Ship". At this point the vendors are to package the products in a very protective way and then contact us for a pickup or drop it at our shipping centers for final delivery to the clients. Products that are not well packed and protected from damage would be rejected

The vendor must print the label for the shipping and fasten it to the product. Shipping label can be downloaded in pdf Information in the sellers area. Pakages without shipping label would be rejected

Vendors can run promo in their products by stating how many percent reduction they would love to participate in . This is actually encouraged but is optional. Vendors are required to join during general promotions like "Black Friday", etc. It is also optional. However during special promotion only sellers that have opted in will have their product displayed

Used product can only be sold if the purchase receipt for such product is displayed.

Vendors will bear the cost of damaged product due to poor packaging

Vendors should note that all payment buyers made via online payment will be received after 5 business days of payment if not returned. Payment via Pay on delivery would be received after 10 business days. Payment transfer fee of N250 for transfer of fund to the vendor account will be deducted from the vendor's money.

Buyers Terms and Conditions

Pay on Delivery is only active for Buyers that have made at least two unreturned purchases in the past and do not have an active return request

Buyer should note that used products are not covered by warrantee and should make purchases with care

Buyers should always check sellers reputation the number of time the product have being returned before making a purcase

Buyers can call for a free return within 3 days of product purchased if it is found to be faulty, counterfeit, etc

After the period of free return the buyer can follow the warrantee rules that came with the product

Admin and shipping fee is not refundable. You can only get refunded on the cost of the product

Downloaded product cannot be refunded. It is best to test run it before making purchase. All downloaded products have a demo and onloadedmetadata=" ebooks have review. Once payment is made and it is delivered you cannot ask for refund. Unless if the description onloadedmetadata=" of the item is not as described and the demo is mis-leading

Once a buyer returns any thing and get refunded. Pay on delivery is disabled for such user until they make two unreturned purchases in the platform

Eventhough we try to avoid the sell of stolen products by forcing vendors to show receipt, it is possible for stolen product to sold. We are not to be held resposnible for that